Warping Trapeze

Doug built a contraption coming from the ceiling. We used a copper pipe for the horzontal bar and we made sure that the bar and the back beam were aligned properly.








Thera Berkhout was visiting and the two of us then beamed on a long 10 meter warp, 31 inches wide. It is a warp for tea towels - 16/2 cotton set at 40 epi.

There is less bending and kneeling or sitting on the floor but.... we still had a cross that would not allow us to move the lease sticks up freely. We "spanked" the warp - probably much harder than was necessary - but it did not help. We still had to "untangle" the threads at the cross. If anyone knows a solution, please let me know. May be I need to change the way to wind a warp also?

And we did not just work on warps. We had a great time travelling around and enjoying ourselves! Below are Doug and Thera enjoying a walk in the woods.



Hi Dini,
Unless you have very silppery threads, you are always going to have tangles when you attempt to use lease sticks to put the warp on the loom. Some people like to weave with lease sticks on the loom. I have tried it and it doesn't work for me. Try using a raddle and two crosses (one at each end of the warp) and leave out the lease sticks. You will still get some tangles - but it should be easier.


Not all weavers will acknowledge that they too have the lease sticks sticking in the warp - it must have to do with the way I make the warp but..... I'm about ready to do the same thing again and I'm not about to make changes to the way I work at this point - too many things to weave before Christmas and I"ve lost six weeks travelling.


Your woods

You certainly live in a wonderful area to foster your creativity.
Best, Elaine Deyo