About Us

ProWeave: The Camerons and Cameron Fibre Arts

We are an experienced textile design software company with rural roots located near Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada. Cameron Fibre Arts (CFA) was formed in 1989 by Dini and Doug Cameron to develop, market and share Dini’s interest in textile design. Dini’s particular interest is the structures of individual weaves.

What followed was the development a MS-DOS program, followed by two parallel programs for PC/Windows computers and for Macintosh computers. The computer programs have vastly increased the range of possible designs and the speed of designing them, while at the same time abolishing the need to design with squared paper and coloured pencils. We enable weavers to design even the most complex weaves using straightforward tools and instructions.

ProWeave provides loom drivers to perform harness selection for the major looms. CFA maintains ProWeave to be compatible with the current operating systems of both Macintosh and Microsoft. ProWeave is now being enjoyed in five of the six continents of the world!

The chief architect of ProWeave, Dini Cameron, continues to weave and to share her knowledge of weaving and designing textiles through workshops, lectures and articles. Now Dini continues this sharing through the Forum and Demonstration parts of this website. You are invited to use and enjoy them.

We enjoy the personal contact with ProWeave users that has built up over the past years. We continue to enjoy the opportunity to work with you to help solve your weaving challenges. See the Contact Us section to reach us.

ProWeave: The Kloostermans and Xpertware Consulting

From the beginning of ProWeave in 1989, Mark Kloosterman has done the programming work on ProWeave. Mark has extensive industry experience in the software development field. Over the years, he has picked up the basic concepts of weaving, and with Dini's guidance he has developed both the beginner and advanced tools that ProWeave provides to weavers.

Recently Mark's wife Ruth has taken up weaving, and over the coming months and years, Mark and Ruth will take on more responsibility in the day-to-day running of ProWeave. Mark's company, Xpertware Consulting Inc will take over the ownership of ProWeave, and Dini and Doug will continue to do what they do best: supporting our customers, and dreaming up new features for the program! Dini will also continue in her teaching role as a instuctor of weaving design.

Both Mark and Ruth are excited about this development, and they look forward to moving from working on ProWeave in the background, to getting to know all of the wonderful people who are in the weaving community.