We are pleased to provide the following websites for your assistance We have reviewed each of these websites, but, obviously, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on other persons’ websites. We will continue to add new sites so if you have or see a site that should be included here please let us know.

Looms Interfaced by ProWeave

Arm Looms (Switzerland):
AVL Looms:
Leclerc Loom:
Louët bv International:
Louet North America:
Macomber Looms: PO Box 186, York, ME 03909, USA, 207-363-2808 (no internet address available)

Applied Designs Sites of Interest

Elaine's Deyo's needle felt pieces are worth a visit:
Kelly Marshall weaves mostly warp rep articles:

Weavers Pages: supplies, newsletters, for sale pages, miscellaneous

Weaving List discussion group:
Weave Tech List - Intermediate/advanced discussion group:
Ralph Griswolds’ Weaving Draft Archive:
Weavershand – tablet weaving,etc:
WIF/TIF Design Conversion utility software:
Ruth Stowes’ Weaving and Fibre Resources - an immense information base:
The Spinner's, Knitters, and Weaver's Winter Housecleaning Pages:
Ron Parker's Fiber Homepage: Another immense information base:

Weaving Guilds, Organizations and Magazines, Worldwide

Complex Weavers:
Weaving/Spinning Guilds international:
Handweavers Guild of America:
The Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers:
Hand Weavers, Spinners & Dyers of Alberta:
Manitoba Weavers and Fibre Artists:
Guild of Canadian Weavers:
Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds:
Interweave Press Handwoven magazine:
VävMagasinet :