Study Groups

We are pleased to annouce a new online study group starting on March 1, 2016, led by Dini Cameron. Our study groups are available to ProWeave users with all levels of weaving experience at no addtional cost.

The focus of the study group is Designing with ProWeave. Participants are expected to have some basic knowledge of how to use ProWeave, but you will learn more about the program as we work through different Design aspects.

There are twelve segments and a new segment is released every six weeks. Each segment has assignments that are to be uploaded. The group is interactive - questions and answers are dealt with through the group.

Topics for the study group include:

Using the drawing tools to create images that can be woven, profile drafting, fabric analysis, using the Twill databank to create different weave structues, colour in weaving, networking, weaving text, echo weaves, 

If you are interested in joining the upcoming group, please respond no later than  Feb 15, 2016 using the form below.

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